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Ritual Abuse Cults/Organisations

 Ritual Abuse Cults/Organizations

What is ritual abuse? Ritual abuse is the ritualising of extreme and inhumane power over others. The perpetrators wish to sustain a megalomaniac point of view and to have control over life and death. They will kill or dehumanise people and animals as much as possible to fulfill this megalomania. They believe that murder, death, rape, incest, etc are “to be valued” and people are treated as objects of control. They ritualise these destructive practices by holding severely injurious and morbid ceremonies within a predetermined calendar of dates. It is this calendar that separates ritual abuse cults/organisations from other organised crime which deliberately dehumanises others. 

Perpetrators abuse ideologies and practices that fulfill this megalomania. They use known destructive and anti-humane quasi religions such as Satanism to substantiate these beliefs, and/or will pervert beneficial religions such as Christianity. Therefore ritual ceremonies could be Satanic in style and about ceremonial murder and rape. Or they could pervert the Christmas mass so that a murder occurs instead of the Eucharist.

It is done within an extremely secretive organization. As murder, rape, etc are extremely criminal, the organisations are very secretive. They abuse code words in communication and indoctrinate victims by extreme cruelty so that they are either not conscious of the abuse or are too terrified to tell authorities. The calendar dates such as Halloween for Satanic Ritual Abuse and Hitler’s Birthday for the Nazi cult, are what separates it from abuse by other organized crime. Organised crime incorporates violence into its structure. Criminal organisations may kill for control and “protection”, however they do not kill for a solely predetermined and gratuitous purpose. Only ritual abuse cults/organisations do extremely criminal activities within a specific predetermined calendar. The ritual abuse cult/organization sets out to kill a specific type of person e.g. a child, and at a specific time e.g. May 1st (Beltane). This ritual bolsters their megalomania. By knowing that this ritual has been organized for centuries, the perpetrators believe that they have “superhuman powers” passed down through time. This is different to say a male gang rape of a woman where the rapists find a victim that day to bolster their aggressive sexism.

Other activities by the cults/organisations are organised child and adult pornography and prostitution, human trade, drug production and selling, money laundering, etc, and which are similar to other organized crime. The cult abuses victims in order to produce these illegal and expensive commodities. These crimes are about obtaining wealth as well as control and power. More abuse occurs with the torturous indoctrination. This includes drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch brutal videos, etc. There are also deliberate setups of no choice where the victim is forced to kill, or is deceived that s/he “killed”. The reality is that it was in self defence but s/he is lied to that it was “intentional”. This setup is done in a repetitive manner in order to instill control by the cult’s ideology of power by murder.

It was called ritual abuse because when survivors first started describing the abuse in the 1980s they spoke mainly of the revolting rituals of the calendar dates e.g. Halloween. Other aspects of the abuse then became known, such as the extremely violent indoctrination. This meant that the term needed to be extended. Examples of titles that were developed are Ritualistic Abuse, Organised Sadistic Abuse, Ritual Abuse Torture and Organised Perpetrator Group Abuse. However these terms are also too broad. For example, people can be tortured in rituals in wartime concentration camps and it has nothing to do with organized murder. Also they should not be confused with 'ritualistic abuse' (done in a ritualised manner such as beating a child daily). Nor is it open and non abusive satanism, where worshipping Satan by itself is not criminal. It is still mostly known as Ritual Abuse as the term still has merit. It is the predetermined abuse of horrific rituals on prescribed calendar dates that sets it apart from other organized crime. The most common form of ritual abuse is Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as Satanism is the most common ideology the perpetrators use. However there are many other ritual abuse cults such as Nazism, Perverted Masonry, Baal Worship, Pagan Worship, Witch/Warlock worship etc. 

The timing of the abusive dates depends upon the cult themselves. The cult leader decides which days are to be for cult murders, rapes, etc. They usually fall within the specific ideologies’ traditional calendar, but can be changed to suit the cult leaders birthday, etc. For example, within satanic ritual abuse, major times are Halloween (October 31st), Beltane (May 1st), Easter and Christmas (with the last two perverted in their Christian rituals). Nazi groups “celebrate” on Hitler’s Birthday and when he became Chancellor.  Baal groups and Perverted Masons also have specific days/nights when they murder and rape. Also some organizations are now using a cover of a public holiday especially if it is close to the date or on it. For example, a supposed Labour Day party for Beltane (May 1st) is now being abused.

What is a ritual abuse cult/organization?

Ritual abuse is done primarily within small groups. The organisations generally consist of cults or small quasi 'religious' groups. They are called cults when the emphasis is greatly on the ritual ceremonies and there is a cult like ideology e.g. Satanism. They are called groups when there is emphasis on the organizing as a group rather than the quasi religious aspects. They are a group which organizes a date specific murder, rape, etc.

Bega where the main abuse for the region happened. The local cult though was in a specific suburban area of Wollongong. If the whole region was “celebrating” we all had to go to Bega. The cults can also be within a national or international organization. Some large international cults are The Illuminati (which is mainly Satanic), Baal, Nazism and Perverted Masonry. Some cults can be totally focused on the cult leader and what s/he wants rather than a regional, national or internationally adhered cult. I was also abused by a mayor of a city (Wollongong) who thought he was the Roman emperor Nero. His murders and rapes were totally within a Roman and Nero worshipping scenario, and not within a larger cult that I knew of such as Satanism.

Each cult leader (regardless of cult “affinity”) networks with other cult leaders locally, nationally and internationally. The reasons are for outlining the cults “turf” (area) and whether a cult leader can have a ritual abuse ceremony in a particular area, to organise the programming which is done mainly by the very powerful Illuminati cult, to invite members of an area to its own ritual abuse ceremony, to sell a victim for murder, to perpetrate organized pedophilia, to sell victims of one cult to another, etc. When I was six the father once took me on an illegal flight from Sydney to Las Vegas via cult controlled military bases (including Hawaii) to go to a ritual abuse ceremony which was also held at a cult controlled military base. The cult in Las Vegas had invited members from Australia.

The cult/group itself is hierarchical. They have a hierarchy of a leader/dictator, members (those who know and desire the cult’s ideology) and victims (people who are deliberately indoctrinated to not be conscious of the abuse or are terrified into not escaping). It consists of mainly three levels. Each person has specific roles within a level. These include: lower levels- cleaning, setting up the sites, etc; mid levels- brainwashing, keeping tabs on people, kidnapping, organising prostitution, etc; upper levels- controlling the sites, networking, administration, etc. They are basically small personal armies controlled by a virtual dictator of the cult/group. Both public and private resources are abused. Eg. a member can work in a government department and access information.

The leader/s of the cults/organizations obtain the most power. They control the abuse and money is directed mainly to them. It is them that organise the rituals and the profiteering. They do most of the killing, raping and hurting of people as they wish to get “power” from it. The leaders also have powerful positions in society. The cults/organizations could not exist unless there was some clout to cover up the activities, and a large monetary base for the prostitution, pornography, human trade, networking, etc. This is to not say that other and less powerful members don’t want control. They also find “power” within the rituals and exhibit psychological control over their families. They also sell the children for money.


Judging from the locations of survivors' reports, ritual abuse occurs in all western countries. Survivors have also come forward from most Australian towns, cities and rural areas. It is difficult (and inconsequential) to outline the full extent of cult activity as we are only beginning to map it. Survivors come from all classes, ages, genders, sexualities, abilities and races/ethnicities. Survivors from eastern and Asian countries are also now coming forward. I was witness to what looks like ritual abuse in Malaysia. I was at a hospital there and one Friday the Thirteenth two people were mysteriously killed on the ward at about ten o’clock by having their life support turned off. They were then placed in ambulances and no one knew where they were taken to. Id say they were then taken to a ritual abuse ceremony and cannibalism took place.

Cults can congregate in a specific area depending upon whether they have control of important social institutions. If they control the police, education (schools), churches, retirement villages, etc in a local area they will mostly assemble there. They particularly want to control a church in order to desecrate it. The cult are like cuckoos in that they pretend to the outside world that they have particular social roles and even have the qualifications such as being a church minister. But really they are cult members and use their position to control a body/institution and/or have local power in a district’s jurisdiction. At two schools where I went there were cult teachers, principals and deputy principals. I was abused at a church where the minister was cult. Cult members could also be within the Department of Housing and give precedence to other cult members. Nearly all of the government departments have cult members in it and abuse the services and networks of the department for cult ends. They will also abuse a socially respectable group such as a Christian group as a front for their activities. I was abused by pedophiles masquerading as a “Christian” group in southern Wollongong and my Mum didn’t realise.

The conduct ceremonies where they know it is some distance from where people are or where they wont be noticed. Farms, mines and open areas in the middle of the bush are abused particularly by cults/groups. They could also abuse a church or a school auditorium if they know they can watch and stop any of the public knowing what is going on inside. I was abused at a farmhouse owned by a cult member in southern Wollongong, NSW. I was also abused in two school auditoriums in southern Wollongong.

The well respected page for ritual abuse survivors did a survey in 1993 of places where its members were abused. The results are in this survey:  Being seventeen years old, and more survivors coming out all the time and all over the world, these statistics would have changed by now. There would be more survivors and more places.

Ritual abuse has been in existence for some time. In the 14th century BC there was the worship of Baal by the Canaanites and Phoenicians and which included animal and human sacrifice. These continued and were known in The Bible (Leviticus 20 and 2 Kings 23) where they mention that the Hebrews carried out human sacrificial rituals. The Druids in England and Scotland also carried out human sacrifice before the coming of Christianity in the sixth century AD. In South America and Mexico, the Incas and Aztecs also performed human sacrifice rituals. In Europe in the Middle Ages the Knights Templar conducted human murder and delved into the Black Arts. In the seventeenth century there was the European group involved in Rosicrucianism which was doing Satanic criminal activities. Overt Ritual Abuse has also been currently documented in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Peru and Chile. In July, 2010, there was a media report of Satanists in Russia killing and eating human victims. Please see  In March 2011 there was a revealing story about a ritual abuse cult operating at Wales. Please see Older survivors speak of transgenerational abuse which means that their grandparents were involved and dates the activity at least until the 1930s.

The Criminality

The list is:
Homicide- done singularly and collectively, preplanned, within ceremonies, as "snuff" or real murder movies;
Torture- within the ceremonies; by the indoctrination/programming; by unethical experimentation;
Kidnapping - of people from the streets, of babies and children from parents who are victims of the cult already;
Unlawful detention – keeping people in compounds and basements, people locked away for producing children who are then murdered, etc.
Criminal violence - starved, electrocuted, raped, etc;
Sexual assault - violated by rape and incest by one or more perpetrators, occurring in ceremonies, organized pornography and prostitution, and within homes. The organised pedophilia and abuse of non consenting adults in sexual situations can be very far reaching and even global.
Human trade industry- human production within compounds, illegal child “adoption” rings, prostitution; slave trade;
Drug production and trafficking; money laundering; and networking with other similar organizations such as the mafia and klu klux klan.
Extremely violent indoctrination - The conditioning process is also very abuse, and consists of severe psychological and physical violence. Survivors can be placed in front of a video screen with their eyes taped open and forced to watch a video enactment of a scenario where the survivor has no choice but to kill someone or s/he will be killed. The video player and images are similar to Wii technology where everything is simulated. The survivor becomes obliged to the handler as s/he lies that s/he “saved the victim” from the scenario. Please see The Programming or Indoctrination

Related Abuse

Many ritual abuse survivors are also abused by related criminal organisations that are mainly within government departments, especially in Foreign Affairs and Trade, espionage agencies eg ASIO and the military. People are non consciously abused for carrying information, carrying drugs, observing of people to obtain social information eg Muslim people and whether they are anti Western, etc. You can go to my webpage on Australian government mind control  for more information on the Australian abuse. You can also go to webpages that have international resources such as .
Most ritual abuse survivors I know have memories of sexual abuse, usually as molestation and rape as a child and this is important to address in itself. The ABC did a powerful story about the sexual abuse of children and its impact on survivors and denial by many powerful people in society. It is at
Survivors usually suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorders (D.I.D.) where the person dissociates (spaces out, goes into another personality, etc). Some of the dissociation is deliberate by the cult handlers in order to control an amnesic personality (a personality not known to the person but still part of him/her) and/or because the trauma memories are so overpowering that its spaces a person out and s/he is not aware of where s/he is ie. like day dreaming. This webpage has clear understandings of dissociation

Denial of Its Existence

Ritual abuse is currently denied by many professionals. Those in denial annoyingly have some powerful positions in society such as psychiatrists, journalists and lawyers. Deniers think that “devil worship cannot be believed because the acts only exist in ‘uncivilized countries’ which have voodoo, etc, and not Western ones”. They also only occurred “In the Medieval Ages and not now”.  Many in the psychology and medical professions are psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors. They tend to come from a “medical model” of psychology and emphasizes physiological aspects for understanding trauma rather than psychological ones. They also think that ritual abuse survivors are “delusional” and see this as part of the “problem” ie. that they “have to overcome their delusions first before they can get better”.  These psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors do not present any evidence that the victims/survivors are “making it up”. They do not disprove the victim/survivor and show that the victim/survivor was never abused.

Also journalists have written many articles and books in the intent of discrediting ritual abuse survivors and supporters, and lawyers have defended satanic cult members in court cases. All of them including  psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors, do not try and understand that current Western society is a very violent one even with news headlines telling them this. What real difference is there between gang of football thugs raping a woman and a Satanic cult raping a boy? Current statistics have that approximately one third of girls/women and a quarter of boys/men as being victims of child sexual assault. By looking at the media there are actual cases of programming and abuse by organisations known to be related to the cults such as the CIA. In the news of August 25th 2009  the CIA was being criticized for its covert and unethical abuse of threats including murdering detainees’ children. Survivors know that the CIA has been covertly abusing people within cults for decades. It is now known that the CIA developed the exact same programming abused on ritual abuse victims, and have abused them in their nefarious activities of drug production and transportation. This knowledge was found by researching declassified CIA information. For more information about this see

If we are to look at some media reports it is easy to see that ritual abuse has occurred. In the news of 31st August 2009 there is a story about two girls who were described by a doctor as “being programmed by their father”. This was the horrible case of the kidnapping by Garrido in the U.S. of a young woman who was then held captive in Garrido’s backyard and her daughters and most probably her being programmed. For more information do a web search on “Garrido” and  “California”. In the news of July 29th, 2010, there is the horrible story of a “polite” French couple who are accused of murdering eight newborn babies and burying them in the yard of a house Then there are media reports that are more direct such as the satanic ritualised killing and cannabalism of Russian perpetrators from July 27th, 2010. Please see  In the U.S. there was a story in August 2010 of grave sites bein broken into, the bodies stolen and parts of the body such as the skull abused for rituals. There was also animal sacrifices. Please see  If all of these stories cannot be opened as the media outlet had outdated it, please use a search engine of the media outlet or an Internet one. For example, for the French story, please use “French couple murder eight newborn babies”, for the Russian story use “ Russian Satanists gruesome ritual murders” and for the U.S. story use “Cult Blamed for Cemetery Vandalism, Theft of Body”.

Those professionals and others in denial either cant see that it could exist or are simply being fronts for the cults. Some who deny its existence are genuinely coming from a worldview of denial of horrible trauma existing currently. They are not being malicious. They cannot cope with horrific trauma. Unfortunately survivors and supporters also wish they did not have powerful positions in society and are annoyed at their powerful abilities. Some are actually cult perpetrators and abuse their positions as such. Quite definitely not all professionals in denial are cult perpetrators, and its not beneficial for a survivor to become paranoid that “all deniers are perpetrators”. The majority of deniers cannot cope with understanding and accepting horrific trauma especially by a cult/group. They go into denial and will use non beneficial methods such as studying physiological methods of studying emotional trauma even though emotional trauma really is psychological. 

These are questions which professionals in denial should consider about ritual abuse. Devil worship has been known to exist for centuries. Historical and government records have described them. Why would devil worshippers suddenly stop their activities simply because it is a modern, technological twenty first century? They would be inclined to become more secretive as policing and other methods of catching criminals have improved. In fact, the programming developed in the 1950s was done so that victims would not remember anything and therefore go to the police. In terms of the memories, these are horrible things that survivors wish they didn’t have to endure. Why would we make up problems, and especially severely traumatic problems that we have to face? Memories cause us to stop work and study and to have horrible debilitating days. We don’t get any monetary benefit and I for one can think up other and less painful ways of “attracting attention”, and which I don’t do anyway.

Belief In Its Existence: From “Delusional” to Evidence

Ritual Abuse has existed for centuries. Since the14th century BC there has been the worship of Baal by the Canaanites and Phoenicians and which included animal and human sacrifice. Older survivors from transgenerational groups have stated that their grandparents were involved and so therefore the abuse existed from at least the 1930s going backwards. Survivors have described activity in all western countries, and we now have survivors coming forth from the east. As said I was witness to what looks like ritual abuse in Malaysia. I was at a hospital there and one Friday the Thirteenth two people were killed on the ward at about ten o’clock by having their life support turned off. Id say they were then taken to a ritual abuse ceremony and cannibalism took place.

Survivors have been telling the police, media, psychiatrists, etc for many, many years about devil worship, organized murders, etc., However, they had been labelled "mad" or "liars" because society could not deal with the issue. Many if not most hospitals and psychiatric wards still think ritual abuse victims/survivors are “delusional”.

In the mid nineteen eighties, sensitive and intelligent psychiatrists and counsellors started to believe survivors. By then widespread sexual assault and organized pedophilia, domestic violence, violence against minorities eg. gay and lesbian people, etc was validated. Society was also opposing war (organized homicide) and understanding how entrenched violence was and still is. Very sensitive and rational counsellors and psychiatrists could therefore accept that ritual abuse existed. It was/is part of a continuum, and not something foreign to a violent society.

Concerned people could also look back at history and find examples of ritual abuse and even when the Satanism was downplayed. For example, the 1969 Manson murders of Sharon Tate and her friends in the United States was ritualized and organized within a satanic framework. Also disturbing, and yet still common crimes could be understood. For example ritual abuse survivors believe that people who are “missing” in community magazines such as The Big Issue are kidnapped and usually killed in ceremonies.

Successful court prosecutions from around the world also validated the existence. Satanic style murders, exposing organized pedophilia with cult overtones and connections, etc showed that there were not a small number and were not isolated. Please see the Believe the Children community group's compilation of ritual abuse crimes at The Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing Webpage. Also Literature on the evidence of cases at In 1996 a US Senate Inquiry into Government Mind Control revealed the same brainwashing methods abused in ritual abuse organizations. The U.S. government had validated that the specific type of programming abusing dissociation and torture had been developed by the C.I.A. and was/is abused in criminal organisations. In 2000 President, Bill Clinton said that "Every day around the world and even t(here) in the United States, children are sold into virtual slavery or trafficked for the worst forms of sexual abuse."  

In Australia two cases have shown that ritual abuse exists here. In 2004, Garry Ford, was gaoled in Brisbane for eight years for “sexually abusing teenage boys during pagan rituals to initiate them into a group dubbed the White Brotherhood” (Oberhardt and Keim, Courier Mail newspaper, August, 2004). In 2006, the Roman Catholic Cardinal, Bell, admitted that a former priest in Melbourne was involved in ritual abuse (including murder) after accepting the evidence of a survivor and paying compensation (Hughes, webpage, May, 2006).

Two Australian government enquiries also showed that ritual abuse could exist. The Chelmsford Royal Commission (1988-90) revealed that doctors, and in hospitals, did drug and traumatise innocent people without their consent. This was similar to current and past ritual abuse indoctrination methods. The 1996/7 New South Wales Wood Royal Commission into the Police Service revealed organized pedophilia within the Police Service and other government departments. It also stated that with ritual abuse: “It cannot be assumed that all disclosures of satanic ritual abuse can be discarded as hysterical, or untrue, or iatrogenically induced (caused by therapy). Experience has shown that pscyhosexual or sadistic abuse and murder of children does occur and that more than one person may be implicated in such crimes”. Australian governments also started subsidising research and education about ritual abuse. In 2006 the New South Wales government subsidised research and education about ritual abuse by a national service helping adult survivors of abuse including ritual abuse. This is ASCA or Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse. They have the publication at

Many professionals in the Police Service, Legal System, Education, Community Work etc believe that ritual abuse exists and will investigate cases with knowledge that ritual abuse does occur. For example on the 30th August, 2009, The Daily Telegraph in New South Wales published a story about a mother who was giving away her new born babies. The article reads: “One of the police lines of inquiry is the possibility that Leonie (a new born daughter) was killed as part of some dark, satanic ritual."There is a subculture of devil worshipping in this country,'' (Police) Inspector Seymour said. "We can't discount that it has something to do with what happened to Leonie.'' For the full story please see or do a web search of “Hutchinson, babies” in the Daily Telegraph

Belief In Its Existence: A Rational Viewpoint

A rational viewpoint can also be used. Why is it that survivors from all over the world, and who have never met each other, can explain the very same complicated and technical forms of both the rituals and the indoctrination? They have been also doing this for at least twenty years. For example, programming is quite technical and involves specific stages, methods and abuse of specific machinery, etc. This information only now exists publically through survivors coming forth. Survivors were validating each other in the late 1980s and early 1990s without publically known information.

Society generally is opening up to understanding widespread abuse. In the last forty years it has progressed very well. It has accepted the existence, and then seriously challenged war, widescale sexual assault, domestic violence, violence against minorities and organized pedophilia. Ritual abuse, will by progression, be the next form of abuse to be understood and eradicated.

The organizations are also within a continuum of societal abuse. Wars are organized killing; working and middle class workers are conditioned to work and threatened by the army if they don't; and sexual assault can be institutionalized (e.g. within the Catholic Church) and widespread. Certain companies know that their workplace can kill people, but allow the bad conditions to continue in order that they make profits. An example is that of James Hardie Australia which allowed workers to be affected by known cancer forming asbestos material. Please see the ABC news report at  or look up information on James Hardie and abestos cancer. Ritual Abuse is one end of a spectrum of horrific abuse.

Abuse awareness starts mainly at a grass roots level. All the previous campaigns e.g. gay liberation began with people talking at a local level to either each other, counsellors, support generally, etc. This is where ritual abuse awareness currently (2010) is at. Survivors are getting together at workshops, through webpages and email groups, support groups in counselling centres, etc, to validate and support each other and campaign for societal validation.

In Australia, most government and religious counsellors, incest and sexual assault groups, and womens and mens liberation groups accept the existence of ritual abuse. Individuals within the media, police, education, etc, and psychiatrists and counsellors in private practice also support this. Institutions generally are either non accepting, defensive or cautious. The public has an awareness that secretive criminal organizations do murder and in organized ways (e.g. Ku Klux Klan), and that there are heinous organisations in recent history such as the Nazis and their concentration camps. Therefore very destructive cults could also exist. It would not be difficult to expose that other such cults/organizations of a criminal satanic, nazi, druidic ideology exist also.

It is all important to talk with counsellors, agencies, journalists, etc that believe or at best are open to believing it. It is not good for the victim/survivor, their supporters and society generally to not be heard or invalidated. It also takes a lot of time and energy to report on ritual abuse. There is broad support and counsellors who will listen to survivors and supporters. One needs to simply look for a receptive, intelligent and compassionate ear. A good place to start is your local sexual assault agency. On my Support page you can find the names, addresses and telephone numbers of sexual assault agencies that I know work with ritual abuse survivors and/or can refer.

For up to date information on mind control issues, including ritual abuse and government experimentation please see the webpage

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